It started out as a Thursday special.

While working at his parents’ filling station in Hadar, Jared Rodgers got the idea to start selling

his down-home barbecue from that business.

It proved to be such a popular endeavor that Rodgers now has turned it into a new venture.

Uncle Jarrol’s Pub-B-Cue opened at 2610 W. Norfolk Ave. February 2016.

Rodgers said he was in awe at the response he received from his customers in the establishment’s first 10 days.

“This is so insane for us,” he said. “We opened up on Friday, and we were busy. Not crazy busy but busy.

But Tuesday was organized chaos.”

Rodgers began barbecuing after “getting hooked” on rib competitions. In October 2014, he bought the smoker he now uses and began selling ribs one day a week at M.R. Rodgers, the Hadar filling and service station

owned by his parents, Rex and Mary Rodgers.

“People started noticing I was cooking Wednesday to serve Thursday. Then I was selling ribs Wednesday night and putting out more for Thursday. Then people would stop by on Friday and say they were busy on Thursday and couldn’t make it, so we were selling on Friday. Then Monday and Tuesday would come around and people would

say they were craving the barbecue,” Rodgers said with a laugh.

In addition to selling at the station, Rodgers also had catered private parties and had taken a vending rig out to sell barbecue at community events. While selling his fare at the Bret Michaels concert at Divots on

Labor Day weekend 2016, Rodgers realized he had something special.

“As a mechanic, you’re working on somebody’s problem, but as a chef, you get to be creative,” he said.

Since opening there have been many changes, including adding a mural of Memorial Stadium,

perfect for watching football on game day.